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Brú Pension Fund – a bridge to new times


The Municipality Employee Pension Fund has been renamed Brú Pension Fund and has a new corporate identity and website.

In-depth policy work by management and staff led to the decision to find a new, catchier name for the Fund and modernise its corporate identity and website. Brú (meaning “bridge” in Icelandic) is an appropriate name for a pension fund, whose mission it is to guarantee its members a stable income and make the transition between stages of life easier. The bridge depicted in the logo reflects this transition, and the colours denote happiness and the diversity of roles played by our members in society. The name Brú seemed particularly apt for a fund aimed at municipality employees across the country and is a nod towards the great many bridges which link Iceland’s municipalities, whether physically or in terms of co-operation between them.

New website – – and applications portal

Our aim is for the new website to be informative and easy to use. There has been a major move towards electronic services for our members, with a new “applications portal” on our website. This contains all the Fund’s application forms, to be completely solely online, and will enable members to follow the progress of their applications. This is our way of providing our members with better and more efficient service.