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Members' divisions

Fólk að synda


Three Brú Divisions and LsRb

Brú municipality pension fund is a pension fund for municipality employees that have a contractual agreement with BSRB, BHM and KÍ and also operates a Division V that is open to everyone. Brú provides fund members with a lifelong penson as well as disability pension, spouse pension and child pension, depending on earned rights.

Brú Pension Fund manages three main divisions: Divison A, Division V, and Division B. You can sign into the Fund Member Website to find out which division of Brú Pension Fund you are a member of. Members of Division A can choose to change to Divison V. We strongly reccomend that members make an informed decision before changing.

Division A

Employees of municipalities that have a collective wage agreement with BSRBBHM and  have a right to membership in Brú Pension Fund.

Division V

Division V is open to everyone and provides comparable rights to pension funds in the general pension fund system. Members in Division A can choose to move to Division V.

Divison B

Division B of Brú Pension Fund was founded in the summer of 2013 with the joining of five closed municipal Pension funds. Two more closed municipal funds joined in 2017 and 2018. These were:

  • The Hafnafjörðurkaupstaður Employee Retirement Fund
  • The Akraneskaupstaður Pension Fund
  • The Neskaupsstaður Pension Fund
  • The Húsavíkurkaupstaður Employee Pension Fund
  • The Vestmannaeyjarkaupstaður Pension Fund.
  • The Reykjanesbær Retirement Fund (joined the 1st of January 2017)
  • The Kópavogsbær Employee Pension (joined in 1st of January 2018)

> More information about Division B (IS)


Brú Pension Fund manages Lífeyrissjóður starfsmanna Reykjavíkurborgar (IS) since the 1st of June 1999. The fund was originally founded in 1930 and was closed off for new members on the 1st of July 1998.


Collecting unpaid pension premiums from employers?

  • Brú Pension Fund oversees unpaid premiums from your employer.
  • It is important that you monitor that payments reach us from your employer.
  • Twice per year the Pension Fund will send you an overview of all pension premiums submitted in your name, so you can make sure all payments match your payment slip.
  • When you start a new job with a new employer it is especially important to make sure the first premium payments are being paid to the fund.
  • If premium payments are not paid it is best to contact us as soon as possible, so we can collect the payments.


The Fund Member's Website and the Pension Gateway

Fund member's website 

  • Throught the fund member's website you can access the Pension Gateway (lífeyrisgáttin).
  • The Pension Gateway provides information about all accumulated rights (with all Icelandic pension funds).
  • You access the Fund Member's Website with your electronic credentials on your phone, or apply for a web-key (IS: veflykill) on the log-in website which will be forwarded to your online bank under "electronic documents" (IS: rafræn skjöl).